About me

About me

Hi! My name is Miguel and I love kayaking and going to the beach; however, this blog wasn’t created to talk about any of those activities. It was meant to cover what I’ve seen at work, what I’ve studied, and topics that should be simplified and shared with others.

The first time that I became interested in analytics was while working on an idea for a hospital management app. The app was intended to comply with new norms in Mexico that require all rounds to be digital. Long story short, the more the database was filled with data about patients and their treatments the better the system would be at recommendations based on the specifics of a patient…it was basically prescriptive analysis. At the time I didn’t even knew what data science, analytics, or business intelligence were, so when I learned about them my interest was definitely sparked. I hope to be able to share this sentiment and demonstrate that I have the best intentions at heart through my writings.

As for finance, I’ve had the opportunity to work in different areas, company sizes, and standpoints. This has provided me with a more ample perspective while understanding that efficiency and standardization is a must in all companies, yet not always done due to a lack of knowledge or practice.

Web development has been my latest endeavor and through upcoming posts I will be sharing what I’ve worked with and learned, as always in a way that is easy to understand and not a bore to read.

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Best regards and thank you for reading!
Miguel Morales